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Thread: dr 650 valve adjustment

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    How do I know if i need to adjust the valves on my bike?? I have put 11 000 Kms on since new and haven't adjusted them yet.Also, how difficult is it are are there any tricks of the trade? Thanks for your expertise!!Happy riding.

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    It's rather easy. Tips and tricks. #1 Long feeler gauges bent slightly. #2 Use head of robertson srcew to make adjustment. #3 EngineMUST bestone cold to make proper adjustment, however to make life easier loosen access plug on magneto cover(where you put socket to turn over engine to line up timing mark)when bike is hot, then apply never seize upon re-assembly.

    When I checked mine at the recommended 12k interval they were still within specs. Oh ya compressed air is handy cause there is an incredible amount of dust and dirt that builds up under the gas tank and around the plugs etc., ya don't want that dropping into the valve train or plug holes.

    Cheers, Alex.

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    Also - Screw the Robertson into a short piece of dowel so as to make it easier to hold.
    You can buy pre bent feeler gauges.

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    Picked up this simple DR valve adjustment kit from Jesse.

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    Check out this link. Very helpful with pics as well:

    If it doesn't work, let me know and I can e-mail you the pdf file.

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